3 resources for translators medical entrepreneurs

The adventure take. What a great idea! If you have a business or an idea in mind that carrying out, sure that you know what you are talking about. In once we had to make that leap and the truth is that we would do it if we had the opportunity. And it is that a translation agency not only consists of professional translators, but also has translators as medical translators which, apart from work piece in the translation company have dreams and dreams to fulfill. For more years than we like to remember, we decided to take the plunge and create own multilingual translation service specializing in medicine, and as you can guess, the beginnings were not easy. Hours and hours of endless work, search for the perfect team, sending dozens of proposals to find new customers, research to locate sources of information and work tools... In those first years of Translation, the truth is that I would have loved a consolidated company to lend us a hand if only directing us in the search for informatio…
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